we're getting married
Catherine & Oliver
12th of July. Downtown Brooklyn, New York.
фильм Галины Калининой

пространство любви
(на съёмках картины "Небесная команда")

Автор сценария, режиссер и оператор Галина Калинина
Монтаж Галина Калинина, Владимир Тютиков
21 мин
2021 г.
We want you to join us in a very special day July 12, 2016 to celebrate our wedding in New York
Photography by Anthony Nguyen
The story of us
We met at the end of 2011 and since then we are always together! These 5 years is a timeline of joyful moments, ups and downs, mutual discovers and experience.
Special guests
We are very glad to invite best people to share our joy and celebrate this special day with us!

Janet Weber
Mary Hamilton
Morgan Hamilton
Monica Turner
Mya Thompson
James Remchel

Jean Michael
Mary Hamilton
Jessica Root
Monica Root
Katie Mill
Aubree Blake

Jeremy Watson
Leo Smyth
Lucas Williams
Anna White
Bobby Ash
Vincent Ash
Save the date
July 12, 2016
— 1 p.m. —

The registration will be at 1a.m. at a Cathedral Basilica of St. James. It is located at the corner of Jay Street and Cathedral Place in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. There is a parking near the cathedral.

— 2 p.m. —

Outdoor ceremony will be in Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the Cherry Esplanade
on a Terrace at 3 p.m. If you arriving by car you should tell us your car number to put it in a list of special guests.
Dress Code
Our wedding party is in vintage style of 50's. You girls should wear your best dresses for the celebration and you guys should wear costumes. Be minimalistic and you will look perfect!
Can't wait to see you at our wedding
Just drop us a line if you're ready to join.
For any questions please contact us:
Catherine +1 798-552-4282, catherine@wedding.com
Oliver +1 348-783-3200, oliver@wedding.com
Photoshoots by:
Anthony Nguyen,
Bess Georgette

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